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In this section we put together all kinds of information that we find useful in our daily work. The material is a collection of information from various sources including bulletin boards, mailgroups, manuals, magazines, books, seminar handouts and independent research.

This information is provided without warranty of any kind. There is no further support available. Each individual must determine the applicability and accuracy of this information to their specific environment.

MIME types

Mime-types was originally defined in RFC 1341. After that a series of improvment has been made. Some of this can be found in RFC 1521 and RFC 1522.

There are also lists with other types. This is ourcollection of multipart subtypes.

Type Subtype Ext Description
Multipart alternative [RFC1521, Borenstein]
multipart appledouble [MacMime, Patrik Faltstrom]
multipart digest [RFC1521, Borenstein]
multipart encrypted [RFC1847]
multipart form-data Contains form name/value pairs. Encoding scheme used for HTTP File Upload. [RFC1867]
multipart header-set [Dave Crocker]
multipart mixed Contains several pieces of different types. [RFC1521, Borenstein]
multipart x-mixed-replace Similar to multipart/mixed execpt that each part replaces preceding part. Used by NetScape for server-side push CGI applications.
multipart parallell [RFC1521, Borenstein]
multipart signed [RFC1847]
multipart related [RFC1872]
multipart report [RFC1892]
multipart voice-message [RFC1911]
multipart x-gzip
multipart x-tar
multipart x-ustar
multipart x-www-form-urlencoded Default encoding for HTML forms.
multipart x-zip

The world evaluates every day and new type arrives!
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